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Through this Support Plus website, you can now advertise your practice for sale, share of your practice or register your interest in buying a practice or share of a practice.

When you are looking to buy in to or sell a practice, simply click on the Buying or Selling buttons, fill in the details and we will make the listing for you.

Please note, this is not intended as a business brokerage or  a real estate service and Pegasus does not endorse any listings on the site. This is a place for General Practice's to register their practice for sale or individuals to list their interest in purchasing a practice, and is not available for other business sales nor sales of other items.

To make a listing, click on the buttons on the right, or if you need help with this please contact us.


Things to consider when selling or buying

It is essential that you conduct due diligence before preparing to sell or buy in to a practice. Make sure you seek advice from your accountant, lawyer, bank and insurers and your business partners if applicable. You may also wish to consider speaking with a business advisor and practices in the surrounding area.

Things to consider when selling:

  • Is your practice ready for sale i.e. are your IT systems up to date and does your website represent your practice well?
  • Are you employment contracts up to date and human resource matters in order?
  • What are the unique aspects of your practice that might be attractive to a buyer, i.e. model of care, efficiencies?




Benefits at a glance:

  • One place to look for buying and selling
  • Free to use
  • Discrete, moderated market place