Does your existing email provider adopt best practise for privacy and security? We make sure our service does. Support Plus Email by Pegasus Health has been developed specifically for the healthcare sector. It uses our own health infrastructure and is managed locally by our dedicated team of IT health professionals.


Unlike many other hosted email providers outside of New Zealand, all our mailboxes are held in Christchurch and therefore adhere to Ministry of Health guidelines on the local storage of data. We don't scan your emails for keywords to drive advertising revenue.

Support Plus Email by Pegasus Health can be purchased on its own or as part of a package that includes PriMed Wide Area Network and Instant Messenger. Together, these three specialist IT services offer secure networking and communications for healthcare professionals. 

To get locally hosted Support Plus Email with support by local, specialist health IT professionals or to find out more, simply contact us on 03 353 4335 or

Benefits at a glance:

  • Local host
  • Local support with specialist knowledge of the healthcare industry
  • Adoption of best practice for privacy and security
  • Simplified user access via your Pegasus Health login