Hosted Applications

A centrally managed and remotely accessible IT infrastructure solution.


Your business is dependent on the data within your IT system. Losing access to it due to a crisis can have a huge impact on your business, resulting in lost time and revenue – but relying on backups, securing hardware or locating IT professionals to get your systems up and running again can require an enormous investment in time and money.  

Hosted Applications represents a centrally managed and remotely accessible IT infrastructure solution, enabling key applications, such as a Patient Management System, to be uniquely hosted to suit your needs. 

With Hosted Applications, your Patient Management System, desktop applications and data is all housed in a secure world class data centre, creating your personal practice cloud.

Deploying new applications or updating them is a breeze as we do it all for you. It’s a cost effective way of managing your IT infrastructure while removing the risk of data loss.

Hosted Applications provides security and stability by storing all your precious systems and applications in the cloud. You can log on at work, at home, or from any remote location, knowing that your system is being managed by dedicated health IT professionals at Pegasus Health.

What this means, is that if an event should occur, you can access your applications from virtually anywhere with an internet connection, meaning you’re back up and running quickly, at minimal cost. 

From our Christchurch head office, we will monitor your cloud to ensure everything is working perfectly.  We utilise dedicated health sector infrastructure at a secure data centre with backup power generation. Data is mirrored to a storage area at an alternative site and backed up daily to further protect data. The operating system, firewall and virus protection are all updated to the latest versions, to ensure the most stable platform for your service.

To get supported by local, specialist health IT professionals or to find out more, simply contact us on 03 353 4335 or

Benefits at a glance:

  • Other cloud services are more expensive
  • Local support from Pegasus Health
  • Risk management and disaster recovery protection
  • Increased security against data loss
  • Access from anywhere an internet connection is available
  • Monitored by Pegasus Health
"Hosted Applications does exactly what you said it would do, at a reasonable price and delivered by great people. This is one of the simplest and most successful IT outsourcing agreements Ara has entered into."

Mark Marshall - Director of ICT Ara Institute of Canterbury