Instant Messanger

Communication between health professionals just got a whole lot easier.

Introducing Instant Messenger: A secure online chat service for health providers.

When patients are waiting, you need quick answers to questions about prescriptions or alternative medications.

Now, pharmacists and GPs can set up a secure online community where they control who they communicate with. Once you've set up your network, an online screen shows who is online so that you can message them directly and discreetly. No more waiting on hold or for a call-back.

Unlike other online messaging systems, Instant Messenger operates on a private and secure network managed by Pegasus Health and adopts best practice for privacy and security. All messages are encrypted, use only New Zealand networks and do not travel over the public internet.

A large number of the Pegasus Health network are already using Instant Messenger for all sorts of quick enquiries.

Here's some examples of Instant Messenger in action:

Dr, How many repeats for codeine does Mr X have?
Pharm, None he picked the last lot up early
Dr, Mr X says he has run out of Ventolin but I prescribed 3 months supply last month
Pharm, Mr X still has 2 repeats left so no need for a new prescription
Dr, thanks, please prepare one for him
Pharm, will do

Instant Messenger by Pegasus Health can be purchased on its own or as part of a package that includes PriMed Wide Area Network and Support Plus Email. Together, these three specialist IT services offer secure networking and communications for healthcare professionals. 

To get supported by local, specialist health IT professionals or to find out more, simply contact us on 03 353 4335 or

Benefits at a glance:

  • Instant access to other health professionals
  • No waiting on hold
  • Control who can send you messages
  • Simple, online interface
  • Local support team
  • Private, secure network with encrypted messaging
  • Adopts best practice for privacy and security
“You may as well be in the same room if you’ve got Instant Messenger…Small fires can get put out very quickly and that’s the biggest thing from the pharmacy side…the fires that smoulder, just go on and on, can get put out straight away…Previously I may not have asked the question depending on where I was with my day.”

Steve Hanmer - Pharmacist QEII Pharmacy