Fast, secure and local: PriMed is the specialist network solution for the health sector.

In your business, patient heath data security is essential. That's why Pegasus Health has developed PriMed, an end-to-end managed networking and connectivity solution. Acting as a Wide Area Network (WAN), PriMed establishes a secure link to Pegasus Health's core infrastructure, which is protected by a managed enterprise-level firewall.

Joining PriMed gives you access to the fastest network in the country - with no restrictions on data allowance.

PriMed is monitored and supported by a team of local IT professionals who operate exclusively in the health sector. We follow stringent Connected Health requirements to keep patient health information secure and to defend against possible breaches of security.

Getting started is simple. First, we make sure your infrastructure supports high speed data. Then we install and test the system for you. Once a secure network has been established with the Pegasus server, we’ll enable access to Connected Health and you’ll be ready to go. 

PriMed by Pegasus Health can be purchased on its own or as part of a package that includes Email and Instant Messenger. Together, these three specialist IT services offer secure networking and communications for healthcare professionals. 

To get supported by local, specialist health IT professionals or to find out more, simply contact us on 03 353 4335 or

Benefits at a glance:

  • Fastest network in the country
  • Secured by enterprise-level firewall
  • No data caps
  • Local support from health sector IT professionals